What If I Have A Roof Leak? What Do I Do?

Oh no! If at any point you discover a leak in your roof, please contact your customer concierge line immediately. We will have one of our support staff reach back out to you ASAP in order to schedule a time to assess the leak. We will then give you a full report on the findings.

Any work our solar panel system installation team provides comes with a 10-year penetration warranty if your roof is in good condition or if we did any roof work. If your roof has some issues, but it’s still structurally sound, we can still install solar on your roof. In fact, the only time we can’t install a solar panel system on a roof is if your roof is structurally unsound. We inspect your roof before you go solar. If there are problems, we’ll notify you. If you want to fix them, we can often get the roof work you want financed along with your solar.