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  • It's Cleaner, Cheaper, and Smarter...

Our goal at Expert Solar Advisors is to help homeowners decide if solar is right for them. We educate, design, and qualify every homeowner to ensure they are making a good decision. For some, going solar may not be the best choice and that is OK with us. Only people who are happy with their choice make happy customers and positive referrals.

At the end of the day, we do want homeowners to experience just how affordable and logical solar can be. From custom solutions including installation, design, and financing, we are your leading full-service solar provider backed by a Warranty AND a Production Guarantee. We currently serve customers in: California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin.

We work with some of the largest installers in the country, but they each have a local presence. This means customers get the best of both worlds... larger financially backed companies with local teams. This is important because smaller installers historically have a habit of going out of business within 5-8 years causing their customers to become what is referred to as a "solar orphan".... meaning they no longer have a warranty or solar company monitoring or servicing their system.

All of the installers we work with have a warranty and/or guarantee for 25 years. Together with homeowners, we are working to make this clean energy source mainstream, saving you money in the process. We believe the time is finally here to generate energy differently. There is no reason or need for us to be burning fossil fuels to make electricity anymore. We have to be smarter. If not for ourselves, for future generations. There is a better way and it is here now. More and more people understand this, as the future is right in front of us. It’s time to make the transition to solar energy.

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The Solar Process

From the second we knock on your door to the time your solar panels start producing power, we deliver the tools, support, and advice you need.

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Benefits of Solar

In the years of their existence, solar panels have become only more efficient, dynamic, and attractive. It’s no wonder solar energy has become the world’s fastest-growing source of power.

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Energy Savings For All

Customers knock 20–50% off their energy bills when they make the solar switch. It is different for everyone, but you can certainly expect to protect yourself from rising energy costs.

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Our Planet

Expert Solar Advisors, LLC provide homeowners a Cleaner, Cheaper, and Smarter way to power their home.

Even though it’s been decades since solar panels were invented, there is still a lot of misinformation surrounding solar energy. We are here to change that. We experience the benefits of solar daily. They are real and undeniable.

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